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How much room do I need to have a dumpster placed?

10 yd and 15 yd containers are perfect for driveways, on the street, or where space is a premium. We also recommend packing the dumpster like a moving van, you get more out of it. Throwing items in randomly creates air pockets, and waste space and your value. 20 yd and 30 yd containers range from 20 feet to 22 feet long, and take up much of a standard size driveway. They require much more room to place, and our drivers are given much more leeway in determining placing requirements. *Please Note – Although the dumpster lengths are given, it takes a bit more length to actually place the container. This will require an additional 30 feet to 50 feet to place. On streets this will be approximately 4 car lengths.

What is C & D?

Construction debris is any material used in the construction or what is physically attached to the house. That includes guttering, windows, cabinets, doors, sheet rock/plaster and even carpet.

What is MSW?

MSW stands for Municipal Solid Waste. This is the trash you throw out everyday in your weekly trash pickup. This also includes household furnishings except as noted in our special concerns! We do not perform municipal solid waste neighborhood collection. Please contact your respective Parish Municipality for questions or concerns regarding weekly trash pickup!

How do I pay and do I have to be at location for delivery?

We accept cash, money order and check at delivery. You must be on location to pay with any of those payment options. IF you pre-pay by Credit Card (Visa, MC, Amex, or Discover), you do not have to be on location. If you will not be onsite, it is best to place something like a cone, trashcan or small sign to help our drivers know exactly where you want the dumpster. Please when ordering, give us alternative options, sometimes we cannot place due to safety or damage concerns.

How long can I keep the dumpster?

Up to twenty (20) days. Your twenty (20) days start over with every service call (dump).

What am I allowed to put into the dumpster?

We should first mention what you CANNOT put in our dumpsters!

NOT ALLOWED! – Tires, car batteries, chemicals (lawn products, pesticides, etc.), haz-mats, liquids (paints, paint thinners, etc.), freon devices (refrigerators, freezers, & air conditioning units), gas or propane tanks or bottles, or engine parts with oil or gas still in them. Below is a photo of a dumpster we do not allow.


ALLOWED! – Construction debris like wood (non treated lumber), drywall, carpet etc. Household material including stoves, washers and dryers, glass, tile, tv, and furniture. Call us if you have a specific concern.

SPECIAL CONCERNS – Creosote lumber, pilings, rail road ties, asbestos, roofing shingles, brick, block, slate, concrete or dirt. (We have special pricing for some of these types of materials. It may be more cost effective for you if you let us know upfront. Many of these materials can be recycled and we pass those savings onto you. Contact us for specific pricing.)

Do I need to call the office for the dumpster to be picked up?

Yes, we prefer you call us for pickup. If you finish with the container earlier than expected, give us a call to come and remove it.

How much debris can I put in the dumpster?

The top of all of our containers are the fill line. We have restrictions by the Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) on what we can haul. If there are any items above the top of the fill line of the container, they will either be removed for pickup, or you will be requested to off load material before we can safely haul the container.

Please Note: The container is your responsibility while in your possession until the time we pick it up. Make your neighbors aware that it cost you money to rent it, and it is not a community cleanup event. A tarp often times help keep down the amount of people trying to help you load your container.

What if I need another dumpster?

Call on us for a return or swap out. We will bring an empty and remove the full container. At that time you pay the same price you were quoted for the first container. Our business works on flat rate pricing per container.

Can the dumpster damage my property?

YES. Our containers have wheels on the rear that help them roll-off onto the ground. They weigh 3 tons, and our trucks much more. We would prefer to place the containers on hard surfaces. Lawns may appear dry, but often with rain, the cans or our trucks can sink into the ground. Asphalt driveways under the hot summer sun, can have “divots” in them from the weight of the containers. Often putting a piece of plywood down for the container rails to sit on will cut down on damage to driveways, or ruts in dirt. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for damage done due to placement or pickup of our containers. We will not cross other neighbors property lines without a signed “property damage liability waiver form” from the property owner. Our Drivers have the right to deny placement in areas that they deem “unsafe”. Call us if you have concerns on where to place your container.

I would like the dumpster placed here, why can you not put it there?

Our drivers have years of combined service experience. We give them every latitude on placement of containers. But sometimes with the turn radius of the truck, and the length of the needed area, we cannot safely access certain areas. Also consider the “boom” on our trucks have to raise roughly 30 ft in the air to off load our containers. Low hanging power lines, tree branches, car ports, or garages can impede this happening. We do not like to have to tell you it won’t go there , but our drivers have the experience that if they tell you it won’t, then it isn’t safe or practical to put it there. If you have problems with placement concerns, please call the office for help or alternative placement.

What safety concerns might I need to know?

First and foremost, is to remain away from the container while we service it. Many times helpful people will try and lend our drivers advice. This is appreciated, but we prefer you maintain at least 30′ distance from the vehicle and container at all times while servicing. Dumpsters can easily jump the rails and come off the truck, and the drivers need to be able to concentrate on the service, not where pedestrians might be standing. Our doors on the rear of the dumpster, open up, and they are very heavy. Please be aware that with momentum, they are heavy enough to knock down a child or an elderly person. Also watch your extremities while opening the safety bar and chain! Please do not allow children to play in or on top of the dumpsters, 6 ft. is a terrible fall for a child.

Do I need a permit?

You may be required to obtain a parking permit or license from your local municipality to put the container on the street. Please contact your local government to find out the details.

What is the process for scheduling a dumpster?

First you make the call or send an email to our office for pricing and availability of our services. Next decide which size container is best suited for your needs. You have the option of calling our office or send a completed Schedule Service Form to reserve your dumpster, port-o-let or holding tank. A representative from our office will confirm the item, price, date and location of delivery along with your contact information. If paying by cash, money order or check, a site contact will need to be on location for delivery to remit payment. A paid receipt will be given to you upon payment. If you choose to pay with a credit card, you do not need to be on location, simply give the instructions for placement to our representative. A paid receipt will be emailed or snail mailed to you. During the week or shortly after your 30 day deadline, if you have not called our office for pick up a representative from our office will call you regarding additional usage of the container. You will not be billed or the container will not be picked up without contacting you first. Should all contact attempts fail, we will pick up the container without further notification.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Cash, Money Order, Check, Credit Card/Debit Card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover).